We provide all funeral and burial services. From the moment of death to the burial, we will take care of your loved-one.

Funeral organization

Our staff will advise you on all funeral-related matters and will take care of the funeral of your loved-one from start to finish.

Arrangement of burial documents

We take care of registering the fact of death at the social benefits division of the municipality and the payment of the one-time burial allowance.

Storage of a corpse in cold room

The remains are stored in the company’s cold chamber up until the funeral or cremation procedures.

Corpse preparation for funeral

Competent morticians will prepare the body for the funeral. We provide the services of clothing the body as well as partial and full embalming.

Funeral clothes

In the stores at our branches you will find a wide range of clothing and other funeral-related items. Come to the branch closest to you and we will help you select the most fitting items.

Funeral hall rent

Our company offers a wide network of funeral rooms in Vilnius City (a total of 14 throughout various districts). Varied size, number of seats and interior will allow you to choose the most favourable room.

Rent of funeral supplies

We rent out any equipment required for funerals (platforms, candlesticks, draperies, sashes, vases etc.)

Mournful flower compositions

From the catalogues of two different florists’ companies, you will be able to choose the preferred flower arrangement around the casket, as well as wreaths, baskets and natural flowers. According to your wishes, the florists will create arrangements personalised to your taste.


At our branches, you will be able to choose the preferred singers or performers of instrumental music.

Coffin carrying

This is a four, six or eight-person escort for carrying the casket from the funeral room to the hearse and from the hearse to the grave. This service also includes the carrying of a portrait with a cross.

Transport services

The company has 9 hearses, fully fitted for transporting the remains. We carry out transportation both within Lithuania and abroad. We have professionally fitted Mercedes-Benz E or R class, as well as Mercedes-Benz Vito vehicles on offer.
We also take care of transport for the relatives accompanying the deceased in their final journey. For this purpose, we offer passenger buses with seating for 19, 22, 30 or 45.

Corpse transportation outside Lithuania

Our company will take care of transporting the remains of the deceased from the Republic of Lithuania to a foreign burial location or into Lithuania from abroad.

Photographer services

We offer the services of a photographer. There is also a possibility to create a slide-show film about the life of the deceased.

Grave-digger services

We provide quality gravedigger services throughout Lithuania.

Mournful lunch

We offer tried and tested cafés for funeral dinners. For the funeral service, you may order bite-size snacks.

Other services

– We produce portraits of the deceased.
– We offer servicing the funeral room.
– We offer the service of grave decoration.
– We can take care of the grave with the following services: tidying the grave after the burial,
long-term grave maintenance, planting and maintenance of annuals and perennials,
grave decoration on anniversary occasions or the Day of the Dead.

Corpse cremation

We also offer the service of cremation.

Corpse re-burial

We rebury remains within Lithuania. We sort out all documents related to the reburial.

Laidojimo Centras

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Laidojimo paslaugų centras

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Laidojimo paslaugų centras

Working hours

Funeral supplies shop working hours:
I-VII: 8.00 – 20.00

Working hours of funeral halls:
I-VII: 8.30 – 21.30

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