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On the activities of PC „Laidojimo paslaugų centras“ (Centre of Funeral Services)
„Laidojimo paslaugų centras“ is one of the largest and best known companies in the field of providing funeral services in Lithuania There are fourteen active funeral halls in Vilnius. The company provides funeral and burial related services in Lithuania and, depending on demand, in other countries as well.


Currently there are five branches working in different microdistricts of Vilnius city, as well as branches in Pabrade and Ignalina.
We are situated next to the following churches:





In 1991-1992, when starting the construction of the church and parish house of the Blessed Jurgis Matulaitis, it was decided to design funeral halls below the church. The present parson of the parish at the time, priest Medardas Ceponis, thought of it because of the apparent need for funeral homes in the city of Vilnius. According to priest M. Ceponis, designing the funeral halls below the church was influenced by several reasons.


At the time, the civic funeral home of Vilnius city did not allow for priests to pay the lasts respects with a prayer, therefore there was a need for funeral halls where the deceased could be paid his lasts respects according to his faith and lifestyle. Having built funeral halls in the new districts of Vilnius city, it would have been more convenient to bury the deceased closer to his living location. It‘s also more convenient for the parish community to assemble together for prayer and pay their lasts respects to the deceased towards his journey to eternity. It was planned to provide support to parishes out of the money collected from the small income derived from renting funeral halls.


On 22 December 1996, The first Holy Mass was served in the newly built church. In May 1997, the first funeral halls were opened. At first, there were two active halls, later on the business expanded and now the branch of Blessed Jurgis Matulaitis has four active funeral halls. The history of PC „Laidojimo paslaugų centras“ started with the activities of the aforementioned branch. The company grew and expanded during a couple of years. We accumulated and enhanced the experience of providing funeral and burial services, created and maintained the burial customs and religious ceremonies that have been preserved in Lithuania for ages. After the political independence of Lithuania was recoved, a fresh new look and services were needed in the funeral service industry in regard to the commemoration and burial of human remains. State burial homes could not adapt to the rapidly changing spirit of the time, therefore our Centre took up the challenge of organizing funerals in respect to religious and moral beliefs of each and every person. During the start of the business, the personell of our company went into the details of studying the burial customs of various religions and confessions. We recreated them on demand, in order for every person to be commemorated according to the principles he / she declared during their earthly journey. This creative process of organizing burial and funeral services has not ceased till today.


In respect to everyone‘s wishes and expectations, our personell seeks to create a unique relationship with each person and helps organize funerals during the difficult moment of loss. We strive to provide attention to everyone who seeks out our help, condolence and exceptional service during funerals.


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Laidojimo Centras

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Laidojimo paslaugų centras

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Laidojimo paslaugų centras

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